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Pastor Cody Logan

Howdy Friends,

I have come to the amazing town of Seadrift, after serving at a church plant south of Austin.  While I love my weird home of Austin, I have been very excited to get out near the water, and to enjoy smaller town living again.  I attended seminary at the Orlando campus of Asbury Seminary, and lived in the tiny beach town of New Smyrna Beach while I lived in Florida.  I believe I was made for small coastal towns, much more than the big city. My passions lay in serving the Lord, playing and listening to music, and playing with my dog, and so far Seadrift is offering me ample opportunity to do all those things, so I couldn't be happier to be the pastor of Seadrift FUMC.

Pastor Phone#: 713-818-0069

Pastor Cody and Fish.jpg
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